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Creative Tips for 

Christmas Family Traditions



1.  On Christmas Eve, create a scavenger hunt for the children to find a family gift such as a game or DVD.  This makes a great Christmas Eve family activity.

2.  When gift exchanges with extended family become too expensive, consider having a white elephant gift exchange.  Everyone wraps up some unwanted item from home (the sillier the better), and the guests take turns selecting one gift to open.  One may opt to select a gift that someone else has already opened instead.  When the family tires of taking home white elephant "stuff", a consumable item costing less than $5 could be used as an option.

3.  Invite a foreign student from a local college to dinner during the Christmas season.  Many cannot afford to go home during the Christmas break and would love to learn more about American family life and our Christmas traditions.  In exchange, we have the opportunity to learn about their culture.

4. Go to www.whychristmas.com to explore Christmas traditions from countries around the world to find ideas for enhancing your own Christmas traditions. Perhaps it would be especially interesting to include traditions from your ancestors' country of origin.