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How to Purchase


              You can purchase the book for $14.95 using PayPal.
              By ordering through this website, you will receive:

  • an autographed copy
  • a bonus letter that is a quiz entitled "Do you want to be a millionaire?"
  • an instant download of the e-book "Ideas for Creating Writing Assignments That Kids Are Actually Eager to Write"
  • choice of shipping options:  free shipping - 1-2 weeks delivery or first-class shipping - 3-5 days delivery


We are proud to be partnered with Paypal,
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Select Shipping Option

If you prefer to order with a check, you may make it payable to:

                                                   Bay Court Publishing
                                                   316 Clearbrook Circle
                                                   Suite 202
                                                   Venice, FL 34292
          A hard copy of the e-book will be enclosed with your book.