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Reviews & Testimonials


Click HERE to read a feature story from The Wall Street Journal .

Lisa Howard says, “There's something in here for everyone, and you'll almost certainly find some ideas in IDEAS FOR WRITING CREATIVE CHRISTMAS LETTERS  that will help you improve your own writing.  If not, you'll at least have fun reading this.”

Read the full review by Lisa Howard HERE.

TEACH Magazine says,
"If you are looking for inventive ways to get your children writing or just want a project the whole family can enjoy, then this book will really get your creative juices flowing."

Home School Enrichment Magazine says, “This book is so unique…the more I read the more excited I got.”

Read the full review by Lori Deese HERE.

Click HERE to read a feature story from The Clarkston News .



"I enjoy reading your creative Christmas letters again and again. Christmas letters that I get from others are often boring and sometimes come across as bragging." -- Arlene - Warren, OH

"We have put your creative Christmas letters on the coffee table for our guests, who don’t even know you, to enjoy reading." -- Dot - Hudson, OH

"I was really disappointed the year that you sent a traditional letter instead of a fun creative Christmas letter. Please don’t take us off of your mailing list!" -- Heather - Sun City Center, FL

"As a teacher, I was excited to use the creative Christmas letter-writing strategies to motivate my seventh grade language arts class. I was able to take the standards based curriculum to a whole new level. It was fresh, exciting and fun." –– Trish - Mantua, OH

"Rather than boring recitals of the Colbrunns’ yearly comings and goings—we receive wonderful nuggets of information about the family in the most entertaining packages that are creative, unique, interesting and FUN!" -- Pat - St. Charles, IL